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The booking phase can be devided into three simple steps.

1. Find your hotel & accommodation
2. Choose time for checkin and amount of persons      for your party
3. Pay over an safe encrypted connection and immedetaly recieve your booking confirmation      Finnished!

How can I be sure that my booking is "ok" and confirmed?

Right after you have processed your booking you'll be notified through mail if the hotel have confirmed your booking. 80% of our hotels have directly access to the hotels and in those cases it will only take seconds before you get your e-voucher and mail confirmation. The rest (20%) of the hotel can take a few hours before responding and confirm the booking. In those rare cases where the booking cannot be confirmed, we will not charge your credit card. Also don't forget to bring the E-voucher to the hotel at arrival.

Can I get transfer from the airport to the Hotel?

Many Hotels have this service, sometimes it's written in the hostel description. However, after you have booked a hotel you'll get a mail with all contact info to the hotel, both mail and phone number. You can contact them and ask for this extra service

When will you charge my creditcard?

We will only charge your creditcard if the hotel confirm your booking. As soon as we get the hotels confirmation we will charge your credit card, and if the hotel can't confirm - nothing will be charged to your card. You will be directly notified to your email address of the booking process.

Why should I book accommodation in advance with you?

There is many advantages to book with us in advance, not only before your trip, also during your trip:
1. You'll guarantee your accommodation. Many hostels gets full quickly, depending on how popular they are and what time you want to visit the place.
2. It's always cheaper (often between 20-50%) to book directly online through our booking engine. We can keep low prices and it comes to your benefits.
3. And of course, it is always nice to do the things you want on your holiday/trip, better than running around searching for avaliable and affordable hostels.
4. Since it only takes a minute to book a hostel through our booking engine it's also a good alternaty to book your upcomming accomdoation whilest you are travelling, e.g. from internet cafées. When you search through our database you'll only see avaliable accommodations. This is a good way to keep your accommodation costs on a low level during your trip

What if I have to cancel my booking?

All matters regarding booking cancelations or changements of check-in dates shall be sent tol credit@agoda.com. An extra fee of 15 USD is charged your credit card in case of cancelation.

Is it secure to pay directly online?

Yes, all sensitive data is sent through an encrypted connection with the "Verisign" system. This is the best way to guarantee payments online.

What Creditcards can I use?

For the moment we support Visa and Mastercard

Is it possible to pay in another way than with Credit Card?

No, the booking engine demands a valid credit card to process the reservation for you

an I make my reservation through mail or phone?

No, the booking service engine only allows reservations online. This is one way of keeping the prices on a low level. Please notice that we Always answer your questions from our mail support within 12 hours..

Can you please send more material and pictures for a certain hotel?

All information avaliable of the different accommodations and hotels is shown directly on this site. After you have booked your hotel you'll get a mail with all contact info to the hotel, both mail and phone number. You are free to ask the hostel personal for more details.

I cannot find your phone number?

The booking engine service is pure electronic. This is our way to keep hostels prices on a very low level. Please notice that we Always answer your questions from our mail support within 12 hours. Our personal service to you is given through mail, not by phone.

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